At Red Rocks Animal Center in Lakewood, we offer the services such as pet breeding consultations, reproductive planning, and C-sections to help you with the safe breeding of companion animals.

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Pet Breeding Consultations

At Red Rocks Animal Center we understand that there is a great commitment and financial investment that comes with breeding purebred dogs and cats.

Whether this is your first attempt at breeding your dog or cat, or you have years of experience, our team of vets are here to support you. We are committed to ensuring that you and your animals have a stress-free experience as you move through the breeding process.

Pet breeding consultations: Our goal is for your dog or cat to have a successful conception, healthy pregnancy and trouble-free birth.

Breeding consultations and reproductive planning for cats & dogs, Lakewood Vet

Pet Reproductive Services at Our Lakewood Clinic

At Red Rocks Animal Center in Lakewood we offer the reproductive services you need to produce and maintain the healthiest breeding litter possible including:

  • Semen collection, evaluation
  • Estrus induction and suppression in females
  • Ovulation timing
  • Pregnancy diagnosis and management
  • C-sections

Surgical Artificial Insemination Services

Surgical Artificial Insemination (SAI) is performed under general anesthetic and takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

Surgical insemination is the best option for females with long-standing fertility problems as well as in cases where semen quality is impaired.

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